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We aim at normalization of cannabis,  for medical, recreational, and industrial use, because we think it is inmoral to treat the plant like a hard drug when it has a proven medical utility. On the other hand, industrial use of hemp is most beneficial for the environment.

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Tenemos como principal objetivo la normalización del cannabis para su uso médico, recreativo e industrial. Pensamos que es inmoral tratar la planta como una droga dura, cuando en realidad posee utilidades médicas probadas. Además, el uso industrial del cáñamo es muy beneficioso para el medio ambiente. 

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Some Facts about Cannabis

of patients say medical marijuana works
90% Of Cannabis Patients Find Pain Relief With Any Marijuana Strain
Today’s average bud contains about 15% THC
of adults 50 and up smoke recreational weed.
of adults 50 and up smoke recreational weed.

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